Healing testimony 身體得醫治見證

Dear Tony & Tina,
Hope everyone is keeping well.
I would like to share the testimonies from our brothers and sisters with you. Sorry for the delay, I should have sent them earlier.
Attached please find testimony from a sister who was deeply touched by your ministry in March & July.
1. Brother Han Ling was healed of kidney stone problem after the healing prayer during Sunday sermon in March. Han Ling (翰林)弟兄: 腎結石在三月份主日崇拜時得醫治。
2. Sister Hui Fang was healed of numbness on her arm and hand after the healing prayer during Sunday sermon in March. 慧芳姐妹手臂麻木在三月份主日崇拜時得醫治。
3. Sister Mei Lan started to pray the Lordship prayer using the prayer handbook in May, and the Lord led her to the discovery of an ovarian tumor. The doctor operated and she was healed. She was very thankful as she believes that if she did not pray, she would not discover the tumor at the beginning stage. (美蘭)姐妹五月份開始使用禱告手冊,主引導她發現卵巢瘤,醫生開刀後,完全得醫治。她非常感恩,她相信如果沒有禱告的話,她不會在早期發現這個瘤。
4. Sister Hui zhu (the 1st sister who suffers from cancer whom you prayed for in July), she just completed all the chemotherapy this week, the tumors had shrunk and her condition stabilized. She uses the prayer handbook to proclaim every day after you have ministered to her. Her cell leader, Ru Yu feedback that the prayer handbook “是宝贝“。She treasures all the prayers in the booklet, and encourages her cell members to use the prayers to proclaim daily. 惠珠 在七月份接受各別服事,剛完成化療,她的腫瘤已經缩小,癌症情況穩定下來。在接受服事後,她用禱告手冊天天宣告。她的小組長,如玉的反應是“禱告手冊”是寶貝。 她珍惜禱告手冊並鼓勵她的小組的人天天禱告,宣告。
There were many others who were touched by your teaching and ministry and also many more who are continuing to be bless daily using the prayer booklet.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.
“The Lord Bless you, and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you Peace.”
With Love,